Osborne was able to shave months off their setup lead times. See case study
Rapid Worksite Connectivity
Use Peplink to quickly establish Internet access from the most remotely located worksites. Peplink routers rapidly pay for themselves in time and money saved compared to setting up temporary landlines.

See case study
diagram-3a-worksite-connectivity-rev2Construction Site Connectivity
Use Peplink routers to keep a constant watch over the most remotely located worksites. Simplify your setup with PoE support. Form unbreakable HD video streams with cellular connections from multiple providers.

See deployment
Energy Transfer uses Peplink to connect remotely located pipe monitoring devices.
Remote Metering
Remotely connect to your metering equipment and sensors no matter where they are or what kind of environment they operate in. Pipe vital statistics on fluid pressure and electric current straight to your datacenter.


Live HD Broadcasting
When covering live events, every second counts. With the Pepwave MAX, you can combine multiple cellular connections to ensure that you can capture every moment without interruption.
Smooth Radio Broadcasting
Protect your broadcast from the effects of packet loss. Use Peplink’s WAN Smoothing technology, to reconstruct lost packets, keeping your radio stream smooth and clear.

Machine to Machine

diagram-6a-atm2ATM Connectivity
Connect your ATMs using a combination of fixed and cellular connections to ensure that it always stays up. Packet-level VPN provides an extra layer of security. Use Peplink routers to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance.
diagram-6b-signage1Digital Signage
Streaming quality interactive content requires high bandwidth. Achieve high bandwidth and connection reliability without breaking the bank by combining multiple connections in a high-bandwidth VPN tunnel.

See deployment
The MIT Robotics Team used MAX routers in a NASA Competition. See case study
Unmanned Vehicles
Unmanned vehicles require constant connectivity with mission control. Achieve this by combining multiple cellular connections. Redundant SIM cards enable you to connect with 2 cellular providers per modem.

See case study
diagram-6d-station1EV Station Connectivity
EV Charging stations need to be connected to effectively execute user tracking and payment management. Connect your stations using MAX routers and take advantage of InControl 2’s API to communicate with existing systems.


Passenger Wi-Fi
Install MAX routers on your buses and offer free Wi-Fi. Use InControl 2’s API to communicate with existing systems. Offer Social Wi-Fi to gain customer insights or connect to an ad server for new revenue. Built to withstand Canada's cold winters, your customers will agree: it's WiFi that just works.

Learn about Social Wi-Fi
Polish public transit offers Free Wi-Fi using MAX routers. See case study
Bus Stop Connectivity
Use MAX routers to add more value to your bus stops. Display information on when the next bus will arrive. Offer free Social Wi-Fi to get rider insights or offer ad-supported Wi-Fi Internet to open a new source of revenue.
Logistics Fleet Tracking
Use Peplink to help keep a close eye on your cargo by streaming HD videos from every cargo container. Use InControl GPS fleet tracking to monitor and review each vehicle’s speed, location, and route travelled.

See case study
Ferrari Group uses Peplink to help monitor valuables. See case study


diagram-2a-pos-rev2iHigh Resilience LTE Failover
An hour of downtime can cost you thousands. Use Peplink Routers to help ensure that your POS transactions always go through by deploying a combination of landlines and cellular for failover. Use Peplink routers to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance.
diagram-2b-wifiSocial Wi-Fi For Customers
Use Peplink’s Captive portal to get useful demographic insights by setting up a Social Wi-Fi Hotspot. Your visitors will sign in using social media, and InControl 2 will generate reports based on the information they provide.

Learn about Social Wi-Fi
MOS Burger uses Peplink to keep their VoIP network online. Learn about Unbreakable VoIP
Unbreakable VoIP
Combine multiple commodity lines to create an ultra-reliable line for crystal-clear VoIP between each branch store. Use WAN Smoothing technology to protect your calls against the effects of packet loss

Learn about Unbreakable VoIP

Public Safety

Cellular Backhaul for Video Surveillance
Use Peplink routers to help watch over the most remote and hard-to-reach sites. Simplify your setup with PoE support. Form unbreakable HD video streams with cellular connections from multiple providers.

See deployment
Patrol Vehicle Connectivity
Peplink equipment has been proven to continue working long after others have quit. Use Peplink to connect your vehicles with multiple SIM cards to ensure they stay online. Track your fleet using GPS information.

See case study
Harris County chose MAX routers for their Patrol Vehicles. See case study


The Destination Group uses Balance routers for Affordable Bandwidth. See case study
Affordable Link Scaling
Use Peplink routers to add bandwidth and achieve 99.9% connection availability without breaking the bank by load balancing between multiple commodity links. Guests won’t even notice when a WAN link goes down.

See case study
Grupotel connects their remote resorts using MAX routers.

Remote Area Connectivity
For secluded resorts without access to landlines, delivering fast and reliable Internet can be a challenge. Use Peplink MAX cellular routers to combine multiple cellular connections and deliver blazing-fast Internet.
diagram-8c-wifiHotel-Wide Wi-Fi Delivery
Connect 50-plus devices simultaneously on each AP. With a variety of AP form factors to choose from, you can offer 11ac Wi-Fi from the smallest of spaces. Use Peplink’s InControl 2 to easily manage your entire network.


Scalable, Affordable, Bandwidth
Use Peplink to combine multiple commodity links to add affordable bandwidth onto existing networks. Replace leased lines to achieve 99.999% network reliability and significant bandwidth increases at a fraction of the cost.

See deployment
Endicott increased their bandwidth using Balance routers. See deployment
Wi-Fi and Content Caching
Each AP connects 50-plus devices simultaneously while InControl 2 enables you to easily monitor your entire network. Use MediaFast to deliver content to a roomful of iPads simultaneously using minimal bandwidth.

See web page
Colégio Next uses MediaFast to enable eLearning. See web page


St. John’s ambulances use MAX routers to provide life-saving information.
First Responders
Use Peplink routers to combine the bandwidth of multiple cellular connections to remotely monitor patients in real-time. Monitor vital signs and deliver life-saving information before the ambulance arrives at the hospital.

See deployment
LSU Health uses Peplink routers for mobile mammography. See case study
Remote Medical Imaging
Perform life-saving diagnosis such as X-ray scans right where the patient lives, and stream the information to the hospital for immediate diagnosis, giving you more time to treat potential illnesses.

See case study